The Shanti L.I.F.E. Program

L.I.F.E. is a 12-week health enhancement and wellness workshop for anyone who is HIV positive.  The program is based on the strategies and behaviors that long-term survivors use to maintain improved immune system function. L.I.F.E. focuses on peer support and bonding, with an emphasis on making contacts and lasting connections with other HIV-positive individuals.


WILLOW is a four-session group for women living with HIV/AIDS who are 18-50 years of age and have known their HIV status for at least 6 months. The program is designed to provide women with information, skills and strategies that will enhance the quality of their lives and, specifically, encourage the adoption of safer-sex behaviors to prevent STD transmission and HIV reinfection.  Monetary incentive is provided for completing this program.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships is a five-session fun, interactive and educational group workshop designed to reduce stress around the issue of disclosure of HIV status to family, friends and potential sex partners. We never force or even pressure anyone to disclose their status to people outside the group, but rather encourage attendees to think about the topic and discuss it with other HIV-positive group members. The decision to disclose, and the timing, is always up to the individual. The program provides attendees with a set of problem-solving skills that may be applied to disclosure as a way to help assess their own comfort and safety in any given disclosure situation. Monetary incentive is provided for completing this program.

Lunch & Learn

A free monthly series of informative presentations, including a catered lunch, is open to any person living with HIV, their family, friends and support network as well as any community member interesting in learning more about HIV.


Many Men, Many Voices (3MV) is a group level intervention program designed to prevent HIV and STDs among high-risk black men who have sex with men (MSM) and who may or may not identify themselves as gay. 3MV aims to foster positive self-image, educate participants about their STD/HIV risks, and teach risk reduction and partner communication skills. Monetary incentive is provided for completing this program.

HIV Self-Management

HIV Self-Management is a two and half-hour presentation designed to help new and/or previously diagnosed individuals start on an effective path of self-advocacy. This presentation will review medication adherence, lab tests, lifestyle choices and basic clinical knowledge, which will help clients participate in managing their own health care.

To sign up or learn more about the above programs or other programs and services, please call 843-747-2273.