Community Outreach

Our team is available to share information about HIV prevention all around the Charleston area.
Whether it’s local colleges, businesses, churches or community health fairs, we can provide educational programming as well as free HIV testing.


Lowcountry AIDS Services community outreach

We regularly speak at:

  • Health/wellness fairs
  • Community outreach events
  • Churches
  • Colleges and high schools

We will go anywhere people are eager to hear about HIV prevention and safer sex practices.

Please contact us for:

  • Educational programming related to HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and safer sex practices
  • Educational information regarding the impact of HIV/AIDS and STIs in South Carolina
  • Condom distribution to local businesses (see a list of condom distribution sites)
  • Off-site HIV/STI testing

Contact: Adam Weaver, LAS prevention program manager, at 843-747-2273 or